System requirements PONCHO:

Operating system: Windows Vista / 7/8
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Video card: 512 MB
Hard disk space: 400 MB



This is an amazing story about a little robot who has lost his memory and wants to return to the old days when people ruled the planet, and robots served them and were surrounded by care. PONCHO is an arcade puzzle game where in most cases you will have to solve riddles and solve puzzles. Whether you can help the little robot achieve its goals or it will perish in its adventures, it’s up to you.

More about the game

In an arcade puzzle platformer, you have to explore a large post-apocalyptic world. You will play as a robot looking for its creator. The game has the ability to switch between multiple 2D layers. The main question of the game: who is Poncho? You have to solve puzzles, avoid obstacles and jump between levels of displacement. This must be done in order to get to the Red Tower, meet the Creator and save mankind.

Features of the game

But it is worth paying attention to some features of the game that will clearly delight fans of interactive adventures:
– 2D puzzle that will require careful thinking from you and will try to test your ability to solve extraordinary problems;
– The game is full of various tests that will require not only thinking, but also the correct perception of what is happening. Various moving platforms, disappearing foundations and all of this is saturated with traps, be careful!
– The King of the Landfill is ready to interfere with your deeds and plans, try to make sure that he loses all his strength and I cannot oppose you with anything!
– The game has a classic design, modern gameplay and great music. Isn’t that enough for a full-fledged interesting game project?

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