PMT Standoff 2 0.15.0


System requirements:

The game will run on iPhone, iPad and even iPod with iOS version no lower than 7. Again, the larger the screen, the more convenient it is to play. And consider the fact that the size of the game is about 1 GB.


PMT Standoff 2 0.15.0

Recently, the game Standoff 2 has been updated frequently, but the PMT cheat on Standoff 2 is also quickly adapting to new versions and now the cheat is available for the PMT Standoff 2 version 0.15.0. These cheats always work stably, but the risk of account blocking is always present, and if you constantly play with cheats, then most likely the anti-cheat will notice or some player will complain.

What can you do with this cheat?

Infinite ammo – the function launches infinite ammo.
Rapid Fire – any pistol, rifle and submachine gun shoot very quickly.
No recoil – the weapon spews bullets without recoil.
Wallhack – Allows the fighter to see other opponents through the walls.
Level Up – you can quickly raise the level and get a veteran’s medal.
Double Xp – gives more points for each battle.
Knife Menu – Bayonet, Karambit, jKommando, Butterfly.
Super Speed ​​is an improved speed hack that allows the fighter to move much faster.
Plant Anywhere – you can plant a bomb anywhere.
Defuse Anywhere – it is possible to defuse explosives from a distance.
Respawn – respawn in bomb plan mode if you get killed.
Jump Exploit – jump far like a real kangaroo.

With this cheat, you have great opportunities. Don’t miss out on gaining an edge over your enemies. So download and start the game. Good luck!

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On this page you can download the PMT Standoff 2 0.15.0 cheat online via torrent for free on your PC.



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