System requirements PlateUp!

Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 or AMD FX-6300
Disk space: 150 MB

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This is a curious adventure that invites you to become a restaurant manager and try to bring it to prosperity. It should be noted right away that this control simulator has a large portion of humor and clumsiness. Therefore, it will be quite fun for you to explore your new possibilities and try to achieve a good result. In any case, we recommend that you download the PlateUp torrent to get started! on PC so you can start your adventure and try to show off all your skills, knowledge and creativity. Is this adventure worth the effort? Be sure, as with the progress of development, quite interesting options for improving your restaurant will open up.

Technological progress

Curiously, your restaurant will be able to install special technological improvements that will simply improve the entire customer service process. This applies not only to the organization of work in the hall, but also to cooking. An interesting feature will be random bonuses that will be generated after installing the upgrade. Thus, you will receive unpredictable conditions for the further management of your restaurant. And how exactly you will solve the problems that have arisen and with what help you will drown out their negative effect, it all depends solely on your ability to assess the situation.


Try to create ideal conditions for restaurant management and demonstrate the ability to predict negative conditions. By the way, all possible debuffs of your business will be listed in a special guide and will not have a secrecy graph. You can carefully study them and try to prepare in advance for the worst consequences. In general, you can safely download PlateUp! via torrent for free and start actively improving the restaurant. Create the best place to relax and eat, you will definitely succeed.

Game features

Space for business lovers.
Learn all the features of the game in advance and master the situation.
Use improvements, they diversify the gameplay.
Create the best restaurant business.

On this page you can download PlateUp! via torrent for free on PC.



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