Planet Stronghold 2

System requirements Planet Stronghold 2

OS: Windows XP and newer
Processor: 1Ghz
RAM: 1 GB of RAM
Grafik: DirectX or OpenGL compatible card
Disk space: 150 MB



Planet Stronghold 2

Outer space continues to amaze not only with its scale, but also with its danger. It just so happened that the Earth was attacked by an unknown life form using artificial intelligence. Now all people are forced to hide or become slaves to this system. Most of the people died, and the rest are trying to somehow survive and repulse the enemies. First, you have to download Planet Stronghold 2 via torrent, and only then you can try on the role of the commander of a detachment of people who were able to create a fort on an almost dead planet. They have organized all the means for survival in it and sometimes go out on sorties to find resources and repel enemy attacks.

More about the game

The main feature of the game Planet Stronghold 2 is a mixture of genres, which allows you to get an unreal charge of emotions. For example, the game has a full-fledged management system, which consists in regulating, storing and using resources. Each character is a separate person. There may be many of them, but they are the main resource for ensuring the functioning of the fort. If a character dies, then in his place you can find another or be left without an important “screw” of your system. As for the combat system, it will be in the first person, offering turn-based combat. You will have to fight both monsters and robots.

Story line

It is worth adding here the completion of quests, the development of each of the available characters and the ability to carefully explore the world, in the vastness of which you can find a large number of interesting places. Try to control resource supplies, provide food and water supplies, look for new weapons. The fate of the survivors now depends on you. We wish you a pleasant stay and good mood, an unforgettable adventure awaits you.

Game features

– a mixture of different genres;
– elaborate heroes;
– interesting battles;
– a spacious world to explore;
– fascinating situations and romantic lines.

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