Planet Diver


System requirements Planet Diver

OS: Windows XP or newer
DirectX: Version 9.0
Gamepad support: Full


Planet Diver

Sometimes it’s interesting to watch the pixel art of some talented people. They can create both simple projects and real masterpieces. One of these masterpieces is a game called Planet Diver, which is created by a company known for such a game project as Cannon Crasha. This time, they decided to master a completely new genre for themselves and significantly expand the virtual universe, which can keep the player in its open spaces for a long time.

More about the game

Planet Diver is an adventure of a girl who studies planets in outer space. No, she is not interested in the surface of the planets, but in their bowels. Therefore, she loves to race through tons of earth cover or water to get to the very heart of the planet. At first glance, this is a common occupation, however, it should be borne in mind that she is doing this on alien distant planets, so it is not at all clear what can be expected in the bowels of these planets.

Game features

You have to visit several dozen planets of various cover, from desert planets to water bodies. You will meet a variety of enemies, ranging from aliens, ending with terrible monsters. And do not forget that it is very dangerous in the depths, one lava is worth something, ready to evaporate everything in its path. All these features, combined with nice pixel graphics, will make it possible for every interested user to enjoy. And you can start playing on December 1, when the game is released, then you can download Planet Diver via torrent on our website.

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