PlainPad 1.0.0

System requirements PlainPad 1.0.0

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

PlainPad 1.0.0

We present you an editor for simple text files with a clean interface. With extensive defaults, PlainPad 1.0.0 offers many options to customize your recording environment to suit your needs and preferences. Whether it’s quick notes, ideas, tasks or long texts, the program offers an environment for all types of writing to express your thoughts in words.

More about the program

PlainPad 1.0.0 offers extensive editorial capabilities. In addition to the font type, size, color and background color, the font color and background color for the selected text can also be set. In addition, there are settings for changing the distance between lines and edges, as well as a special area for adjusting the cursor.

Opening files

The program can open all simple text files without question, for example, files with the extension css, csv, h, html, m, md, markdown, php, txt, swift, xml and many others.

Repair text formatting

Using the utility, you can effortlessly remove styles and formatting from texts.

Copy paste

Add the text you want to the artboard and paste it into PlainPad 1.0.0, and the pasted text is automatically stripped of any formatting.

Import of text documents.

Existing text documents with formatting can be easily imported into the program. All formatting has been removed so that only plain text remains. The program also supports import of the following well-known formats: txt, rtf, rtfd, html, doc, docx, odt, wordml, web archive.

Write without saving

Just write something down and close the window again, but the save dialog still comes in handy? The save dialog can be disabled through the settings.

Always in the foreground

Does the document always hide behind other windows when working in other programs? With the “Always on top” function activated, the document is always available.


Counts characters, words and lines automatically.

Text encoding

The program can work with various text encodings and can be specified specifically what encoding should be used when opening, saving and creating files.

Open documents using the dock

The utility supports fast file opening through the dock. Just drag the file you want to the Dock icon on the PlainPad and the file will open.


The program can also print texts and offers a separate set of preference parameters for printing. Font type and size, as well as border margins and line spacing, can be adjusted for printing.

Dark mode

For macOS 10.14 or later, the appearance is determined by the operating system itself. On older versions of macOS, you can change the color to dark if you want by using the main menu View> Toggle Light / Dark User Interface.

Versions? You decide!

PlainPad 1.0.0 supports macOS versions to restore an earlier savepoint. However, this can also be disabled via preferences, and the save behavior of previous macOS versions can be provided.


The tab function can be activated through the main menu under Window (macOS 10.12 or newer).

Full screen mode

The utility supports full screen mode. To avoid having to edit text across the entire width and height of the screen, you can customize the work area using preferences to create a comfortable writing environment.

On this page you can download PlainPad 1.0.0 for Mac OS via torrent for free.



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