Pizza Connection 3

System requirements Pizza Connection 3:

OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i3 3rd Generation 3.0GHz, AMD A8 3.0GHz
Video card: Nvidia GT 640, AMD Radeon HD7750, Intel HD 2500 / Intel HD4000, 1GB Vram
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 5 GB


Pizza Connection 3

Well, what are we all about space, about cars, about farms, parks, laboratories, railways, about war. As a wise man remarked well: “War is war, and lunch is scheduled.” Well, how can I disagree here ??? You, along with your game characters Pizza Connection 3, colonized galactic territories, showed feints and stunts while driving, were fond of building farms, cities, railways, erecting parks, and breeding rare species of dinosaurs. And I want to be distracted, relax, relax.

More about the game

The creators of a completely new third version of the simulator of cooking, will give you the opportunity to feel like a master chef. Having downloaded the “tasty” virtual simulator of the game, called Pizza Connection 3, you will turn from a simple amateur chef into a culinary genius, pizza lord, a true gourmet. Your task is to create original recipes of your favorite pizza, treating them to visitors to your restaurant. With the earned bonuses from sales of dishes, you can expand your business for the production of Italian goodies.

Game features

It is worth noting that every great work begins with a small attempt, but a persistent attempt. Having made a journey, from an ordinary Italian chef to a famous pizza recipes, a respected restaurateur, known for his bold recipes, you will open a modernized pizza production network in the game Pizza Connection 3. But, at the beginning of the journey, you will have to make and distribute your food for free, so to speak, luring a potential buyer who will bring you points over time.

They, in turn, will help you switch to a new game editor, where you will release your culinary fantasies into the wild. Promote your product, not forgetting about the appearance of the institution. This food simulator will allow you to not only improve yourself by trying on the role of a great cook, but also to feel like an unsurpassed designer and successful businessman.

Game mechanics

There is an opinion that there are no comrades in taste and color. Your character will have a new version of a virtual game project called Pizza Connection 3, which you can download from our new portal of computer games through a torrent without bothering, since even a child can do this, it will be possible to verify this theorem. Use the cooking editor correctly and correctly, having about eight dozen ingredients in your cook arsenal. Satisfy the culinary desires of vegetarians and ordinary connoisseurs of meat and seafood. Conquer the food industry, becoming the unsurpassed dock of your business. Open a network of your restaurants and restaurants. Great pastime and bon appetit !!!

Some tips

Becoming a restaurant business tycoon is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, but holding on to a well-deserved title is even harder. Competitors now and then strive to insert sticks into the wheels of an established mechanism for preparing dishes. Take part in competitions and prove that it is you who deserve to wear a master chef’s tunic, as well as the title of the most eminent restaurateur and philanthropist.

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