Pixel Starships

System requirements Pixel Starships

OS: Windows Vista
CPU: 2Ghz
Video Card: Integrated GFX
Disk space: 500 MB



Pixel Starships

Pixel Starships is an online game with 8-bit space-themed graphics. When passing, you involuntarily experience pleasant nostalgia, remembering the very first games on computers and consoles. At the heart of the gameplay are spaceships. They are your base, your defense, your place for rest and storage of weapons. Each ship has a dozen compartments that need to be carefully monitored so that the ship does not fail. Before you is a huge galaxy, traveling through which you can meet different planets, black holes, other travelers, space pirates, mysterious space bodies.

More about the game

You have your own team, whose skills need to be pumped in a timely manner. Initial battles are fought from the ship until the enemy can be drawn closer. When you get close, the game goes into turn-based strategy mode: your team enters the battlefield, which must fight the enemy. In general, the game has a lot of content and nuances. To find out all of them, you need to download Pixel Starships on PC via torrent for free. The game is guaranteed to drag you for long hours!


The game has dozens of models of spaceships: long, small, creepy and cute. During the game, they can be improved and partially modified. The court has characteristics: damage, condition, fuel supply (stamina), armor, hit points and so on. Parameters may vary depending on the level of pumping, the player’s actions and minor factors. Download Pixel Starships torrent for PC at least to enjoy the views of these fantastic spaceships!


The game has many fractions, types of aliens, peoples and creatures. You can trade with them and interact in every possible way, fight, capture or control them. This is very convenient: you can make an alliance with strong nations, you can destroy the weak, and grab the useful ones and make you work for yourself. Captured peoples must be protected: they can be captured by other wanderers, or they will raise a riot. From time to time you need to visit their habitats for prevention. Download torrent Pixel Starships on PC – the opportunity to see all the amazing creatures of this mysterious universe!

Game Features:

You can create different ships according to unique drawings;
Many creatures, peoples, factions;
Online mode;
The ability to unite in clans and alliances;
Ships are divided into compartments that need to be controlled;
Many planets;
A team travels with you, with which you can land for fights with living creatures and robots.

On this page you can download the game Pixel Starships via torrent for free on PC.



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