Pixel Noir

System requirements Pixel Noir:

OS: Windows 7 or newer
Processor: SSE2
Video card: DX10
Disk Space: 1 GB


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Pixel Noir

It is time to go to a rather original adventure, which will allow you to visit the expanses of the future, which turned out to be on the verge of complete chaos. The fact is that now you have a chance to download Pixel Noir – an adventure in pixel design that will be a pleasant excuse to spend time. You will play for a detective who attacked the trail of a strange mysterious organization. True, with the very first facts of their exposure. The detective is badly beaten and sent to jail. But the term is nearing its end, and now he intends to take revenge on all those who are involved in his problems and yet bring this organization to clean water.

The gameplay has an isometric camera and offers to control the detective from the top. You can interact with the environment, develop the hero and improve equipment. You need to compare with each other a variety of facts, try to effectively use objects and strive for success. This time the fate of the main character will depend on your actions. Now you will stand alone against those who are involved in many crimes in this city.

No allies, no help, only you and your ability to investigate and act. It will be necessary to carefully examine all its capabilities, capture information and mercilessly destroy enemies. We only recommend that you be extremely careful, as there are fairly powerful and dangerous enemies in front of you, who will not like your nose in other people’s affairs. It remains to wish you good luck and a favorable result, which will be extremely difficult to achieve. And the main advantage of the game will be the atmosphere that will make you feel nostalgic and pleasant memories. Have a nice game!



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