Pirates VR Jolly Roger


System requirements Pirates VR Jolly Roger

OS: windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Video card: GTX 1060
DirectX: Version 11
Optional: VR headsets


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Pirates VR Jolly Roger

Pirates VR Jolly Roger is a game with an unusual storyline. The character finds himself in a world full of adventures on a mysterious island. The goal of the game is, of course, to find the hidden treasures. In such extreme and varied conditions, the hero will need a wide range of skills that he will acquire as the gameplay develops. First, the player will learn to move in a new space. Then, with the help of a parrot, he will remember how to climb steep rocks, use different objects and shoot. In such a diverse environment, the opportunity to ride a rope or swim in the depths of the ocean should not be missed.

More about the game

Moreover, the player will be able to control their health, fatigue and oxygen level underwater. The variety of flora and fauna, combined with the dangers awaiting the player, will be remembered for a long time. Like the stunning changes to the weather, environment and interior of the shipwreck, as well as the surprises to be expected, the game becomes a fully immersive adventure.
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Game features

The player can take advantage of the opportunity to shoot, walk, swim, climb, or slide on a rope. Advanced inventory allows you to control your exhaustion and health.
While playing, you can aim at existing objects and enemies, collect small treasures along the way, use the collected items of your choice, for example, for entertainment, and also engage in dialogue with the parrot guide.
All players will find a cursed grotto and surprises, battles with enemies and demons of pirates and the dead, secrets and chilling turns of events, the wreck of a pirate ship and its decomposition, escape from predatory sharks, duels with bats and other dangerous creatures.

The developers have created a wonderful, unique world with a picturesque Caribbean environment full of horror. The player will find beautiful and dangerous wildlife with wild jungles, deserts and dynamically changing weather conditions.

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