Pirate Commander

System requirements Pirate Commander

Operating system: Windows 10.
Processor: Intel Core i3 3.0 GHz.
Video card: NVidia GeForce GTX 960.
RAM (GB): 8.0.
Free space on HDD (GB): 12.0.


Pirate Commander

Survival simulators often generate wild interest among fans of interactive worlds. But let’s not drag out the topic for a long time and say right away that we have found for you a completely original and interesting Pirate Commander game. This time you will have the opportunity to become the captain of a pirate ship and try to lead your team not only to great prosperity, but also try to do everything for its survival. You can manage each pirate in detail, give commands and try to plan everything in advance. At first, everything will not be so difficult, but when the team begins to actively grow, then problems will already begin there. Especially when a reward is assigned for you, and all the local warriors will hunt you.

More about the game

Do not think that on the scale of an ordinary ship it will be so easy for you to survive. On the contrary, this time you will have to make every effort and try to achieve a good result using all your opportunities, skills and knowledge. It will be necessary to carefully monitor the food, try to collect useful items, think over how to share the reward and what weapon to take with you. Think pirates lived like rats? No, you have to take care of their health and try to organize normal conditions for their existence. It sounds unusual, but as part of the game, you have to do something like that. Therefore, we recommend that you simply download Pirate Commander via torrent on your PC for free and start striving for the best result during your adventures.

Naval battles

Not without sea battles, which will reflect your efficiency and ability to control the entire pirate team. This time you have to actively use almost any of your opportunities, which will become the basis for success. Manage the team and give them instructions, try to prepare the guns well before that and learn to determine when exactly it will be possible to board. In any case, a unique gameplay awaits you, the opportunity not only to search for treasures, but also to actively rob other ships.


Remember, every such action will not go unnoticed and a reward will be assigned for you. And if that doesn’t scare you, all you have to do is grab a bottle of rum and do not forget to download the Pirate Commander torrent on your PC. We suggest that you do not waste time and just get started. After all, thanks to all your capabilities, you can easily assess your chances and lead your team to a better life. By the way, you will even personally choose which people to hire for the team and which ones to drive away.

Game features

A unique survival system that will give you a lot of positive emotions.
Unpredictable naval battles and the ability to board.
Resource management, logistics and the intricacies of pirate team management.

On this page you can download the game Pirate Commander torrent free on a PC.



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