Pike and Shot: Campaigns

System requirements Pike and Shot: Campaigns:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
CPU: 1.5 GHz
Video card: 256 MB
Hard disk space: 500 MB


Pike and Shot: Campaigns

Pike and Shot: Campaigns is a computer game that was presented by two teams of developers, joining together to work on a new product. The game has turned out fascinating, dynamic, represents a genre of strategy, and is conducted in real time. You can also note wargame and setting. Everything combined in one game plane allowed creating an incredibly interesting product. Players will be able to enjoy the almost limitless possibilities of the game process, events that develop over the period of 16-17 centuries. If you are interested in this computer game, RTS-strategy, in this case we offer the game Pike and Shot: Campaigns to download the torrent, and immediately proceed with its passage. Using our site you can do it in seconds. Let’s try to tell you more about some of the features of this game.

More about the game

It is worth saying right away that the game boasts excellent visualization. But do not think that you will find yourself in a bright and painted game world, in excellent extensions and textures. But those who have been playing games for a long time do not make graphics the main focus. So here, the scale in the game is normal, an isometric view allows you to see everything you need in sight. It’s easy to control the camera, and with it you can see the map from any height and point, and you can see the smallest details, even on clothes. In addition, the game deserves attention the terrain of the fields on which the battle is fought, as well as how they are located on the plane and in relation to you. To see this with your own eyes, we recommend the game Pike and Shot: Campaigns download torrent. It is also worth saying that many elements in the game have authentic copies of those times that are described in the game.

Game features

Separate words deserves gameplay. It has its own characteristics inherent in the genre, as well as individual highlights, embodied by the developers. Your tactics are now much wider, it will be easy and interesting to manage huge forces and take part in grand and large-scale battles. And if you want, you can achieve incredible success in the game in just a few minutes, if you choose the right line of behavior. In addition, the development of the plot can occur according to several scenarios, and in many respects this will depend on you. You can not only become a participant in interethnic conflicts of that period, but also feel yourself in other roles. If you like historical games in which you need to fight, then we suggest you download Pike and Shot: Campaigns via torrent, and watch and participate in all the most interesting historical events.

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