Pigeon Simulator

System requirements Pigeon Simulator

OS: Windows 7
CPU: 2.4 GHz
Video Card: Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 or better
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk space: 2500 MB
Sound Card: DirectX9.0 compatible sound card


Pigeon Simulator

Every day, the interactive entertainment market is replenished with new projects. Today, the development of technology allows one person to create a computer game. Moreover, the creation process will not be as costly as it once was. One of these projects is Pigeon Simulator, which is made in the genre of pigeon simulator. You were not mistaken, that’s exactly it. The life of a dove is not so boring as it might seem at first glance. In this game, your character is waiting for exciting adventures. Not without “bombing”. So rather, visit our site to download the Pigeon Simulator torrent there and plunge into this amazing world.

More about the game

In the presented game Pigeon Simulator you have to play the role of a dove, which is very offended when its genus is called “winged rats.” Therefore, he decides to retaliate for such an insult. To do this, he eats tightly, then to water everyone and everything with his droppings. But first, you will need to find food, and it is not so simple in the city massif. Even flying you will be difficult, so the gameplay is filled with various funny situations.

Game features

The creators of Pigeon Simulator said that there will be nothing more special in this game, your hero should only eat and crap at all. Remember that it all depends on how full your pigeon is. Sometimes it turns out that your character is engaged in destructive actions. For example, it can break a car windshield. This is possible thanks to special charges that will periodically come in the way. Some may even help set up an explosion.

Also, one cannot fail to mention the fact that you can not only fly, but also walk. And you will have enough strength to lift, for example, a person. You can also throw other objects at people. In a word, the atmosphere here is very interesting and dynamic. We wish you good luck in passing the game!

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