System requirements Picklock

OS: 64-bit Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i3
Video Card: GeForce 600 Series
Disk space: 400 MB




A game project called Picklock will give you the opportunity to plunge into the story of a robbery. It is necessary to take maximum advantage of one’s ingenuity in order to rob the city and go on vacation to the warmer climes. You are a thief with an experience nicknamed Skeleton Key, trying to escape from a huge city and looking for a haven in a small town. But living honestly doesn’t work for you, and you again return to the old way of making money. And all because you did it very well.

More about the game

In Picklock, you can act intuitively and follow instincts, carefully walk past the security service, or you can carefully explore the area and take control of all movements. Your nickname Skeleton Key came to you because you masterfully master this thieves’ tool. You run away from the bustle of the metropolis, and in this town you can find yourself. Each new business will be a great test for you. Take part in many tasks and become the absolute winner. Try to be careful not to be caught by the police. Before you begin to take action, you need to visit our gaming portal. There you can download the Picklock torrent for free.

Story line

All events in the game Picklock develop in a small town, in which our main character comes. He came from a big city, where he was a famous robber, with a unique talent to rob any buildings and structures. However, problems overtook him there and had to hit the run. He decided to opt for this small town and began to live according to the letter of the law. And yet, the previous way of life, probably, did not completely release our hero, so he again took up his own.

You will help the character cope with all this. And now our hero is back in business, but he will have to be extremely careful. After all, no one here knows about your past “merits” and there is no need to rake up the past. You can engage in minor robberies, so as not to attract too much attention to your own person. You can spend all the money in Picklock as you wish. Get any things, buy expensive cars, walk in local pubs, which you can then rob. In a word, you enjoy this kind of gameplay.

Game features

Thirteen original missions. It can be a pizzeria, a butcher’s shop, a night club, a cinema, and much more.
You can make your dream a reality and buy a house on the sea coast.
You can also buy a great sports car and a more powerful jeep.
You can turn your home into something completely special.
The gaming atmosphere will amaze you to the core.

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