Pharaoh: A New Era


System requirements Pharaoh: A New Era

OS: Windows 7+
Processor: Intel i5 +
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: OpenGL 3.0 compliant video card.
Disk space: 8 GB.


Pharaoh: A New Era

It is a remake of the cult city-building strategy game Pharaoh and an expansion called Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile. The game, developed by the studio Triskell Interactive (whose portfolio includes the Lethis series), differs from the original with completely updated graphics and soundtrack, as well as modernized mechanics. As the name suggests, the game takes us on a journey to ancient Egypt. The campaign, made up of over fifty missions, not only learns the rules of the game, but also examines the history of the country from the beginning of its history to the time when it was ruled by Cleopatra. In Pharaoh: A New Era, the action was shown from top to bottom.

More about the game

During the game, we participate in the construction of prosperous cities. If we want a small village to turn into a powerful metropolis. We must take care of all aspects of its functioning. Therefore, we are engaged in the extraction of resources and the construction of new buildings, the creation of road networks and production chains, agriculture (which is almost entirely dependent on the floods of the Nile), as well as issues related to trade and protection in our territory, recruitment of troops. As a ruler, we must also be mindful of the well-being of our people, submitting to their needs and from time to time fulfilling their wishes.

Story line

However, our plans in Pharaoh: A New Era can be destroyed by epidemics and natural disasters. And the effects of hail or locust can be felt long after they have passed. However, if everything goes according to plan and the state treasury does not glow empty (we are told about the state of our city by clear indicators), we can demonstrate our power to the world by fighting enemies (on land and at sea) or building monuments such as the pyramids, the Sphinx or even a lighthouse in Alexandria.

Game features

In addition to the missions that form the game’s single player campaign, there is room for an extensive editor to create your own scenarios. The graphic design and interface are adapted to work in 4K mode. The authors did not limit themselves to raising the resolution; they relied on all the elements of the graphic, carefully updating its individual elements, making it all sharp and clear. The audio track has also been improved, which has been redesigned, as well as the user interface and controls, which have been adapted to modern standards.

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