Phantom Trigger

System requirements Phantom Trigger:

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
Video card: GeForce GT 650M / Radeon R9 M375
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Disk space: 700 Mb


Phantom Trigger

The Phantom Trigger game is one of the new products that will not leave indifferent any fan of retro fighting games. It was made in the style of the 1990s, but at the same time, the developers managed to make the most of all the features of the graphics engine, providing excellent graphics and quite stylish and atmospheric special effects.

More about the game

Phantom Trigger is not finished yet and is currently in alpha testing. But now, players can download Phantom Trigger via torrent for free and understand what this product is all about, while developers “lick” the game and fix all bugs, errors and shortcomings found.

The main character of Phantom Trigger is a guy named Stan, who travels through amazing and surreal worlds. Never forget that in the game everything is based on a curved space, much of what you see is not amenable to logic. For example, flying air conditioners, crawling ink blots and so on. Naturally, with this approach, the game turns into a real psychedelic hardcore and it has not been like it for a long time.

A very important point in Phantom Trigger is the choice of your weapon. The weaker the adversary, the less cost you need to make to kill him. For example, the weakest enemies can be killed hand-to-hand, but with stronger opponents this will not work, so you will have to resort to using heavy weapons: all kinds of lasers, blasters and the like.

But still, the bulk will have to be destroyed precisely in close combat, so all sorts of ligaments and combo attacks will come in handy – they allow you to deal damage even more efficiently and harder. Together with some skills that can be opened during the game, combo attacks allow you to inflict additional damage to the enemy with fire, ice or electricity. There is animation in the game, but it is arcade and is not found as often as we would like. But surreal opponents and psychedelic locations nullify this shortcoming, making the game really interesting.

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