PDF Squeezer v.4.1.1

System requirements PDF Squeezer v.4.1.1

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

PDF Squeezer v.4.1.1

PDF Squeezer v.4.1.1 is an easy to use PDF compression tool. It comes with compression capabilities that mainly reduce the size of images in your PDF documents. This can help you achieve significant savings in bandwidth costs, additional digital storage space and reduce network transfer times. PDF Compressor is designed to reduce file sizes of large PDF documents. The application allows you to compress the size of PDF documents by compressing images and removing unnecessary information.

More details

Just drag the PDF to the application window or to the application icon.
Choose from predefined filters or create your own
Support for password protected PDFs

New features and functions

Open .DMG
Copy the application file to the / Applications folder
At startup, something like this appears with the name of the application being launched.
Versions starting from Apple macOS X 10.13 High Sierra block by default the launch of applications downloaded in a way not authorized by Apple, namely not through the AppStore or from unauthorized developers who have not paid for the Apple Developer certificate.
You need to remove the attributes assigned to the file when writing to the file system disk.

Features of the program:

just drag your PDF to the window or application icon,
choose from ready-made filters or create your own,
simultaneous compression of several files,
support for password protected PDFs,
automatic compression and saving ‘One-Click-‘ with compression.

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