Particle Fleet Emergence

System requirements Particle Fleet Emergence:

OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: Dual Core 2Ghz
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Disk Space: 1 GB


Particle Fleet Emergence

A fascinating strategy with indie elements Particle Fleet: Emergence, presented by the developer Knuckle Cracker, also known for the Creeper World project, talks about the global confrontation of the human race with representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, evil and incredibly huge creatures. It will not be easy to deal with an adversary, but the stakes are too high to lose ground. Igrodely offered many unique ideas, with a successful implementation, so it is safe to say that you will not be bored.

More about the game

The game has convenient gameplay with elements of a sand setting. It is worth noting that the developers relied on physics, and did not lose, giving the project incredible appeal to gamers. You have to become part of a flotilla of spaceships, in the role of captain of one of the military ships. Over time, several machines will be subordinate to you, you can not only increase their number, but also upgrade them – adjust their characteristics, give effective abilities, make each model special.

To design a ship from scratch, you just need to download Particle Fleet: Emergence using the convenient menu of our site, but do not forget that this business is incredibly time-consuming and responsible, you will need certain skills. To get them, you can customize existing models, changing the basic details of mechanisms, protection and other things in them, and accordingly – characteristics. There is an excellent built-in level editor that opens up many possibilities.

The plot of ParticleFleet: Emergence is simple, the strategy tells of a war that was launched by brutal alien creatures. Armadas of ships without warning invaded peaceful space. Many inhabitants of the Earth were destroyed, and those who managed to survive began to unite in groups to be part of the space flotilla. You will become one of the liberators who decided to fight back the usurpers.

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