Paradise Lost FPS Cosmic Horror Game


System requirements Paradise Lost FPS Cosmic Horror Game

OS: windows 7 64 bit
Processor: 2 ghz
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 5 GB


Paradise Lost FPS Cosmic Horror Game

The game belongs to an unusual genre of space horror, and its main features are the atmosphere of fear of the unknown and survival in situations that seem hopeless at first glance. Players will be able to use weapons, but the main focus is not on them, because in order to defeat most enemies, weapons alone will not be enough. You will need ingenuity and ingenuity to deal with dangerous opponents. In the first pre-alpha demo version of the game Paradise Lost: FPS Cosmic Horror Game, the torrent of which can be downloaded from our website.

More about the game

This version will have one long demo level with beautiful and realistic surroundings, as well as several monsters hiding in the most unexpected places. You will get access to several types of weapons (three, to be precise), but there will be very little ammo in the game, so try to spend your ammo wisely. The enemies that you will see in the -version are created exclusively for it, which means that they will not appear in the final release of the game. Those opponents that debut in the official release will be many times more dangerous and cunning, but do not underestimate the monsters from the demo level.


If you are ready to download Paradise Lost: FPS Cosmic Horror Game via torrent for free, you can do it on our website. The game will also feature one large level in survival mode, in which you will face endless waves of enemies attacking you over and over again. The gaps between waves when you can replenish your ammo and heal will be very short. Regular updates will bring fresh content to the game.

Game features

The game takes place on a planet whose name is classified. Literally a week before the main events on this planet, a team of researchers who studied the local flora, fauna and the remains of an ancient civilization that disappeared several millennia ago disappears. And although the planet looks habitable, there are practically no plants and animals left on it. After a series of mysterious events, your leadership decides to organize a military intervention. A team of specially trained fighters is sent to the surface to find out the reason for the disappearance of scientists and reveal all the secrets of this planet.

But what will they face, what revelations await them and will they be able to survive in this godforsaken place?

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