System requirements Panzar

Windows OS: XP SP3 / Vista SP2 / 7/8 (32 or 64 bits);
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.3 GHz or AMD Athlon 2400+;
Video card: Support for pixel and vertex shaders 1.3;


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The game embodies the best traditions of team action games, only transfers massive battles to the fantasy world. Panzar: Forged by Chaos is distributed on the model of free-to-play and you can download it for free on our website via torrent. Domestic developers have made a real breakthrough in this genre, which means you can really enjoy the game. The gameplay is made in a session style, each battle is pumping your main character. The project is available for personal computers.

The fictional world of the Panzar game: Forged Chaos is filled with tons of different weapons and armor for your character, which you will have to pump and buy with accumulated funds. Since the game is provided free of charge, you can simply play, or you can “zadonatit” and support the development of the project, for example, by purchasing a premium account, which accelerates progress in the accumulation of game resources. Battles take place, both in small locations and in large arenas. Combat tactics are very similar to the tactics of WoW and other famous games. Since the project is domestic, the interface is available in Russian. Classes here are very common, from the usual warriors of “tanks”, to the all-powerful magicians. A total of eight pieces. For the graphics, in Panzar: Forged by Chaos, meets the notorious engine CryEngine 3, which will allow you not to get bored, looking at the pleasant views of the atmosphere there.

Panzar Forged by Chaos is a computer game developed by Panzar Studio. Surprisingly, you do not have to hide in the shell during the passage of this project, because it is made quite colorfully, and the gameplay is a fairly high-quality runaways in a fictional world open to research.

Like most popular, modern projects, this game is an MMO-RPG. And as almost all representatives of this genre, it is made in the style of fantasy. It is because of this, you have the opportunity to test their capabilities, saving the local universe from destruction. In order to do this, practically everyone could, the developers did not even begin to take money for their game, allowing Panzar Forged Bai Chaos to download the torrent absolutely for free. But you can still please the creators, if you get a few weapons for real money.

However, it is absolutely unnecessary to do this, because at your disposal is a huge amount of different armor and cold-arms. So you can have fun and not paying for anything. The main thing is to gather the company of your best friends and sit down with them for completing one or another quest, because in the middle of the fictional virtual spaces, there was a place for thousands of tasks. Therefore, it is necessary to use for the passage of his comrades from real life. So you can achieve maximum consistency during the passage and get tons of fun.



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