System requirements Pangeon:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i3
Video Card: GT 730
DirectX: Version 10
Disk Space: 1 GB




It was the turn to try on the role of a brave hero in the game Pangeon again and set off on a long journey. But it will be very original and will provide you with a large number of entertaining. In the presented project, you will become an ordinary hero who has a mission – to check the dungeon. No one thought that there could be anything dangerous or evil in it, but as soon as you visited it, it became clear that you would have to survive an amazing adventure.

More about the game

This dungeon is already for a long period of time filled with terrible creatures and evil creatures. They all guard a very powerful magical artifact, endowed with the power to destroy all life on earth. So your character goes in search of him in order to protect the human race from extinction.

Fierce confrontation

You are waiting for epic battles with various monsters and attempts to stay alive in this gloomy world. The forces of darkness have already learned about your intentions, so you have to take those chances that will fall out. You can use different types of weapons for close battles, as well as use magical abilities. In a word, all directions to which you have access should be used to the maximum. They will help you achieve the desired outcome without any difficulties. If you like projects of a similar genre focus, we recommend that you download the Pangeon torrent right now on our game store. You will find just a huge scope for action. The most important thing is to concentrate and start playing, because you will find many tasks and missions.

Development freedom

Regarding the advantages of your character, then in this interactive project, his feature will be the use of all opportunities for your own development. A huge assortment of equipment, a whole grimoire of magic spells and your own combat skills. Due to the constant battles and studies, your character receives game experience points and new information with which he can only strengthen his capabilities. But first you need to download the Pangeon torrent on our site for free.

Use your potential to the maximum, achieve a positive outcome, which is guaranteed to give you a lot of vivid impressions and emotions. Nobody visited this dungeon for a very, very long time, neither heroes nor civilians. Therefore, the forces of darkness could so quickly take root and evolve there, creating their own hierarchy. So, as you see, it is necessary to hurry with the solution of this problem and set off to meet adventures. I wish you success in this difficult matter!

Game features

You will be able to visit a variety of locations, try to adapt to the environment, because everywhere it will be different.
A huge arsenal of weapons will give you a chance to get what you want, you can also use your magic skills and enchant some items.
Creepy monsters and leaders will bring you a lot of trouble, especially if you are new to this business.

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