Overcrowd A Commute ‘Em Up

System requirements Overcrowd A Commute ‘Em Up:

OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: i5 or better
Video Card: nvidia 420m or better
Disk Space: 600 MB


Overcrowd A Commute ‘Em Up

Wars, disasters always happen unexpectedly, even if you are preparing for a battle, it does not always come when everyone is ready. This is the whole complexity of the situation. Currently, under the city, somewhere in the bowels of the earth, war breaks out. It is with this story that the Overcrowd A Commute ‘Em Up game begins. And this war is observed at rush hour. Everyone hurries in the subway to get to work as soon as possible. A bunch of disheveled and exhausted passengers is flowing from one metro line to another.

More about the game

Your task in Overcrowd A Commute ‘Em Up is to build the perfect metro station. The London Underground is now in your hands, you need to think through every turn, every site, in order to prevent a collision. Tactical simulator will appeal to gamers who have puzzles, games with meaning and excellent graphics. Fragments of a second are allotted to the solution of some problems, so you should not delay the solution when you can download torrent overcrowd.

Getting to know the game

Pixel isometric scenery pleasing to the eye, hand-drawn. Pixel character can be traced in the smallest details of the game. But this is not all, from four angles you can consider what is happening. Spatial puzzles are generated depending on the situation. The game Overcrowd A Commute ‘Em Up turns out to be lively and interesting. Build your station design with a focus on management processes. At stake is not only victory and money, but also the safety of people, so decisions must be balanced.

Story line

Not without multilevel buildings, so escalators and elevators are used. Take care of which personnel will serve the passengers in your subway. If the responsibilities are not properly distributed, then a real war can take place in the subway. The game Overcrowd A Commute ‘Em Up can always be stopped if necessary. Realistic simulation allows you to organize exciting gameplay. Everything is worked out to the smallest detail: issuing tickets, interacting with the crowd, cleaning garbage containers, etc.

Game features

Any trip in the summer is a real hell, in view of the fact that it is very hot. Control the temperature in the subway to make everyone comfortable. Take into account the metro map, control the crowd and employees of the station. As you progress through the game, you can improve the subway. In a special menu, a window opens with updates, improvements, where you can select the desired option. What is needed for the game? So download Overcrowd via torrent for free in Russian. The time spent with this simulator will fly by.

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