Outpost Glacier

System requirements Outpost Glacier

Operating System: OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.0GHz
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
Disk Space: 1 GB
Also: Keyboard, mouse


Outpost Glacier

Are you afraid of the cold? The game Outpost Glacier, which you can download torrent on our website, gives you the opportunity to travel to the harsh snow-covered world, where every minute is a hard struggle to survive. You are in the center of an open space, covered with a thick layer of snow, around – nobody. The hero is looking for different garbage to make useful things out of it.

Outpost Glacier – a project designed to the smallest detail on the subject of survival at low temperatures. The game has a number of interesting features, so it definitely won’t be bored here. So, your hero is in an open snowy territory, where difficult weather conditions reign all year round. Your main task is to survive. Look for resources, food, fire branches. And so that the character does not sit idle, he is waiting for a thorough search for secrets scattered around the game perimeter. Go to explore the area, you will definitely find something useful and valuable.

More about the game

Follow North and try to survive. Adventure in a snowy desert awaits you. Player Outpost Glacier will feel like a ranger outpost. Your task is to maintain its performance, to control all changes and most importantly – not to die from wild hunger and cold. Not everyone can cope with such a difficult mission, the strongest will survive. Complicating the situation is the complete absence of civilization. It will not be easy, but very exciting.

The gameplay of Outpost Glacier is no different complicated operations. The hero explores the surroundings, is engaged in the extraction of food, water and various trash. Engage in crafting, fishing (if, of course, you can find a pond), building, go hunting, equip your home and build your life.

Game features

Snow-capped mountains and plains, hidden and inaccessible locations that only a select few can reach, wild animals, constant cold, hunger, violent thirst and complete loneliness – in such conditions, you must admit, it is extremely difficult to survive. In addition, all this creates an unattractive atmosphere in which it is not easy to feel comfortable. You can download the torrent Outpost Glacier directly on this page. In the future, developers promise to add a full storyline and various random events to the project. In the meantime, sort out your fears and go to the glacier, where only the true lucky ones are destined to survive.

On this page you can download the game Outpost Glacier via torrent for free on PC.



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