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System requirements Outline VPN

Systems: Windows / MacOS / Linux / Android / iOS / Windows 10 Mobile
Interface: English
File size: device dependent


Outline VPN

Outline VPN is a new product that differs from traditional offerings. It positions itself as a personal VPN, which allows everyone to create their own security and privacy zone and, after installation, provide access to the created service to new users.

About product

Outline VPN is a personal privacy VPN created by Jigsaw, a rising star in the Google group. The creators focused on ease of installation and use of the product. There are separate versions for:


To ensure security, the Shadowsocks product is used, created in China to bypass the locks of the Great Chinese Firewall. This protocol is fundamentally different from the commonly used OpenVPN, IPSec, and WireGuard. The ability to share your own VPN service implies the possibility of further commercial use of the product.


Those who are seriously worried about ensuring the privacy of their online activities sang to evaluate the new product.

ease of installation;
the ability to connect external users to your service, thus multiplying the service
high level of security, user logs are not saved;
low cost.

Setting up

The question of how to set up OutlineVPN practically does not arise, the service has a very friendly algorithm. You can download Outline VPN for Windows and install it for a fairly symbolic price. Experts suggest using a virtual server for installation on the well-known DigitalOcean cloud project. For most users, the license will cost $ 5, the cheapest DigitalOcean tariff, providing 1 terabyte of traffic per month, Outline chooses by default. The developer turned out to be very loyal to the user, after the program is downloaded, its installation on the server will take 2 minutes and will require 2 clicks of the mouse.

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On this page you can download Outline VPN via torrent for free on a PC.



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