Out of Place


System requirements Out of Place

OS: Windows 10
Gamepad support: Partial


Out of Place

Out of Place is an adventure project with an entertaining plot that tells the story of the journey of a young teenager Simon. One fine day he finds himself in a parallel world, almost completely destroyed by the war. Simon is entrusted with a difficult task – to restore the planet with the help of some ancient machine.

More about the game

It sticks out of the side of the mountain, and it will be difficult to get to it. Your hero will have to overcome many obstacles before he can get closer to the mechanism. Set off with Simon on a journey through many unexplored locations. You will have to endure difficult trials and fight enemies.

Features of the game

Use any weapon in your hands against them, avoid collisions and hide in shelters. During the journey, you will also have to solve puzzles and solve puzzles, and in this case, a mechanical companion called the Sphere will help. He will give the necessary clues, but he needs to be protected during fights with monsters. Once you get to the car, you must put it into action and restore the former well-being of this world. Only after fulfilling his main purpose, Simon will get a chance to return home.

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