System requirements Origin

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Pentium4 1.6GHz
Video card: GeForce FX5700 128Mb
DirectX: Version 9.0c




Origin is a first-person shooter on a fantastic theme that can surprise players with picturesque landscapes, vibrant graphics, many features and an interesting storyline. Events unfold in the future, approximately in 2040. Mankind has stepped far forward, now people can make all planets fit for them on their way fit for life.

More about the game

Space researchers managed to find a way into another universe, which is very similar to ours: space, planets with water, air and wild creatures, the presence of intelligent life forms. However, it’s hard for people to get there in large numbers, they need a mandatory transplant for refueling. This problem was solved by the minds of the whole world as follows: it is necessary to colonize Venus, which will become a planet-refueling and temporary transit point for researchers traveling to another universe.


The game is a typical action shooter with a first-person view. You have to explore the planet and eliminate any signs of aggression from a few living creatures. If you like dynamic first-person shooters, you need to download Origin on a PC via torrent for free.


You can explore the planet both on foot and using transport: fast buggies that can travel anywhere, small planes, helicopters and SUVs. Transport will help to quickly explore the entire planet. You can enjoy the view of mountains, deserts, rivers and green lawns. In some situations, transport can not be dispensed with, and sometimes it is better to go for a walk to enjoy the beautiful nature.

Game Features:

Events unfold in the near future;
Many different locations;
Various vehicles are available, including mini-planes;
First-person view;
Beautiful nature.

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