System requirements OreLight

OS: Win Xp 32 or newer
Processor: Athlon XP 1700 + Pentium 4 1.8GHz
Video card: Radeon X600 Series
GeForce 210
Disk space: 500 MB



In many ways, this game is similar to other modern multiplayer RPG projects with world generation, which offer to build, craft and fight, that is, survive with all your might. However, OreLight has absolutely unique graphics. It is impossible to describe this picture in words, but let us note its obvious surrealism. The image helps to immerse yourself in the process as deeply as possible.

More about the game

So far, the game is designed for computer operating systems, but versions for consoles are not excluded. If you decide to download the torrent OreLight, then you will find out that the world in the game consists of separate locations in the form of dungeons, forests, cities and other objects. The gamer can and should change the appearance of the landscape. As a result, a tiny house can become the beginning of a huge city! Its population is bound to be motley – characters can be kings, blacksmiths, warriors, magicians, thieves or even robots … Someone creates, someone destroys, someone honestly trades, someone plunders.

Features of the game

There are many ways to live life in the game! There will always be friends and enemies. The latter are played by bears, walking skeletons, some flying jellyfish and other creatures. To cope with hordes of opponents, you need to pay great attention to the creation of weapons and armor, improving abilities.

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