Operation Covid-19

System requirements Operation Covid-19:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5
Video Card: Nvidia MX150
DirectX: Version 12
Disk Space: 5 GB



Operation Covid-19

The previously unknown stamp of influenza, the coronavirus, suddenly swept the entire planet and had already claimed many lives. And how do you want to grab a weapon and fight this infection. Today we bring to your attention a completely new game project Operation Covid-19, where you will get the opportunity to destroy this terrible virus. And it doesn’t matter at all what ways you will act, it can be anything, if only you could manage to act. In short, you will get a lot of pleasure from the gameplay, because the game is made in the genre of first-person shooter. The enemy will be microbes of the coronavirus, so the mixture will be vigorous. And this adventure will be more than just a good time for you, so take your chance to the fullest.

More about the game

So, we have already found out that the main antagonist in the presented game will be a dangerous virus that moves in the air and tries to infect the maximum number of people. You must adapt to such realities and try to quickly deal with this infection using all your weapons. Do not forget that the virus is everywhere and from one touch you can get a lot of harm. Therefore, demonstrate your dexterity and vigilance. No need to waste time on empty conversations, it is better to follow the link to our game portal to download Operation Covid-19 torrent there for free. Do everything to defeat this virus and rid humanity of such misfortune.

Dynamic battle

Stunning dynamics can sometimes be distinguished from the advantages of the presented interactive entertainment, sometimes going beyond the bounds of understanding. Your hero will have to move very quickly around the terrain, shoot as accurately as possible and try to achieve a positive outcome. Do not worry, the result will definitely come, you just have to be brave and not let the virus get closer to you. First, complete several tasks, and then decide what to do next: go to destroy the virus around the planet or turn on endless survival mode with increasing difficulty. You should choose, but first go to our Internet portal to download Operation Covid-19 torrent there for free.

Game features

In this game, the result depends on what decisions you make and what you do. Follow the movements of the virus, crush it with a powerful blow and try to use all the possibilities for a positive outcome of the game as efficiently as possible. We are sure that you will be able to achieve the desired goal, destroy the virus and stay alive. You just need to focus and do everything necessary for this. We wish you a good game!

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