On The Road

System requirements On The Road

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit)
Processor: min 3.3 Ghz
Video card: min. 1024 MB
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 2.6 GB


On The Road

The game On The Road, which you can download torrent on our portal, will especially appeal to fans of cars and road trips. It has everything you need for truck drivers. A realistic simulator will allow you to travel more than 6,000 km of highways, country roads and off-road. You just have to sit behind the wheel of a truck and visit dozens of German cities – Bremen, Cologne, Berlin. All of them are distinguished by unique sights and unusual road junctions. You will find many discoveries!

More about the game

Thanks to the contributions of MAN and Scania, the trucks look quite realistic – from the gearbox to the assistance systems. In addition, the manufacturer provided a place in the truck for the safe delivery of orders of any size. Also, users will be able to change the appearance of the machine – paint it or the trailer.

The game provides a system of economics. Therefore, players will be able to open their companies and hire users to complete more orders. But be careful, you will have to plan routes and keep track of drivers’ work schedules so that they have time to relax.

According to the plot of the game On The Road, download via torrent which is completely free, users act as a truck driver. And your main task is to deliver goods on time and receive remuneration for it. For maximum realism, it is recommended to include a virtual steering wheel and pedals. We can say for sure that this project will appeal to all those who have long dreamed of trying on the role of a trucker, who love roads and would like to visit Germany. Therefore, hurry to download the game, which is in the public domain.

But be prepared for the difficulties. The plot provides for traffic jams, a huge number of cities, accidents, rough terrain, various incidents and adventures that happen in the lives of real truck drivers. You just have to download the game, and personally feel it for yourself!


The creator of the game On The Road, which can be downloaded for free from our torrent on our portal, is Toxtronyx, which offers up to 1,500 km of trunk roads, 300 km of country trips and 12 difficult junctions. And most importantly, players will have the opportunity to see new places and make unusual discoveries. Therefore, this journey will be remembered for a long time!

Interestingly, the entire area was created using real satellite imagery. There are a variety of weather conditions, day and night, an authentic view of the cities. All this makes the simulator very exciting and exciting. In some places it will seem to you that you are in a real German town.

The car looks no less realistic, both inside and out. And for a change of tasks, complex trailers, bridges and brands of trucks are provided. But many users note that the most exciting thing in the game is the economic system. With it, you will become a true business owner and try to manage other people.

Project Benefits:

– More than 1,500 km of highways and 300 km of country roads;
– 12 types of interchanges;
– About seven German cities;
– Waterways;
– Realistic road and settlements created using satellite data;
– Changing weather conditions.

Regarding driving features:

– There is help to the driver;
– Retarder and intarder;
– Service modes;
– Ability to independently control the truck.
– After downloading the game On The Road from a torrent, you can evaluate the free game mode, an integrated control system, the ability to purchase trailers and other components, the features of creating your own company, and even try to recruit your own staff of drivers.

On this page you can download the game On The Road via torrent for free on PC.



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