Oddworld Soulstorm

System requirements Oddworld Soulstorm

OS: Windows 7 64 bit or higher
Processor: Intel Core i3-4340 or AMD FX-6300
Video card: AMD Radeon R9 270 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670
Disk Space: 8 GB
DirectX: 11



Oddworld Soulstorm

The spaces of interactive adventures have a lot of interesting and unusual content. For example, you probably know about the game Oddworld, which received a direct continuation of Oddworld Soulstorm and now tells the story of heroism and salvation. And if you have not heard of her, then this story is associated with strange creatures of the same race, which became slaves and forced to work for other, more powerful representatives. True, this did not last long and one slave managed to escape. Now he is free and can enjoy freedom as he wishes. And considering that in the eyes of relatives he became a hero, we should expect that he will return for all of them and try to help them leave the vastness of slavery.

More about the game

Compared to the past part, this time everything will be much more complicated, because the gameplay will require special care and willingness to take risks. In the first part of the adventure, the main character had to run away alone, and now he will lead a crowd of relatives who will implicitly follow any instructions. Therefore, any of your mistakes can cause the death of relatives. And this means that you need to be extremely careful and try to actively use any of your opportunities to achieve success. And the first thing to do is just download Oddworld Soulstorm via torrent to PC for free.

Detailed environment

Many players could previously criticize this adventure for the lack of atmosphere and details, but now the developers have surpassed themselves. They were able to create a truly unique and interesting world that is curious to explore. Various large objects, an interactive environment with which you can interact and an incredible background. In general, to maintain the atmosphere and level of interest of the game, the creators managed to develop a unique mixture of graphics, surround sound and other elements.

Game features

Can’t wait to evaluate all this? Then you just need to download the Oddworld Soulstorm torrent on your PC and you can enjoy the favorable atmosphere of the game. But in no case do not forget about your main goal – the salvation of relatives. The new part of the game will bring up topical issues and problems of the real world. During the game you will encounter black humor and sarcasm, which will pay attention to many unpleasant, but important topics. Therefore, do not waste time and embark on a journey that will be not only unpredictable, but also dangerous in places.

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