Nuclear Blaze


System requirements Nuclear Blaze

OS: Windows 7 and up.
Processor: 1 Ghz and up.
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
Video card: Any decent GPU.
Disk space: 200 MB.

Nuclear Blaze

This is an arcade and quirky adventure that invites you to take on the role of a professional firefighter and try to extinguish the most powerful fire in the history of this rescue service. But first, you have to download the Nuclear Blaze torrent on your PC, and only after that you will be able to stock up on water and set off to explore the eerie burning labyrinths in order to save people. And if at first the game will delight you with its unique features and simplicity, then the most interesting and exciting moments of the adventure will begin. After all, the flame is not always chaotic, sometimes it is created on purpose to hide secrets.

Fight against fire

Despite the fact that the gameplay offers a slightly simplified system of confrontation against fire, this element should not be underestimated. After all, it can spread with great speed, will not allow you to feel safe and will sometimes even appear out of nowhere. We just want to warn you that it is better to take a large supply of water with you, do not neglect the advice of experienced firefighters and value your safety first of all. This is the only way you can achieve a good result and save a large number of people. Fire is insidious and merciless, so you should treat it the same way.


Are you ready to dive into the abyss of a dangerous adventure? Then you shouldn’t waste time on doubts and just start putting out the fire. Dozens of locations with different conditions and labyrinths are waiting for you. You will be able to improve equipment and fire fighting skills, to say nothing of other details. In this case, you just need to download Nuclear Blaze via torrent for free and try to correctly prioritize. This is the only way to achieve success and enjoy every moment of your adventure.

Features of the game

Extremely high level of difficulty.
An arcade bias with great play potential.
A chance to save dozens of lives.

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