Notebooks 2.2


System requirements Notebooks 2.2

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

Notebooks 2.2

Notebooks is a writing app, text and markdown editor, file organizer, task manager, e-book maker, and more. You will quickly learn to appreciate this unique combination: several randomly generated text fragments want to be combined into a book chapter and saved in PDF or e-book format or a quick note generates an idea and generates a set of tasks that require the collection and organization of research material; and business-related documents should be separated from personal diaries, records, and files. Laptops handle these tasks with ease and keep you focused and creative.

More about the program

Create formatted documents with styles, attachments, tables or checklists and add a table of contents if you want. Choose from a selection of pre-made document styles, or create your own if you like.

With Notebooks 2.2, write your documents in plain text and let Notepads automatically process lists, display line numbers, highlight and center the current line, automatically insert closing characters for (, {, [, “, etc.) Plain text – it is a universal format that can be used on any device without any special software.

Use Notebooks 2.2 to create formatted documents

Laptops support * MultiMarkdown * and its own variant * Discount *, and you can choose which converter to use for which book or document. Click on any word in formatted Markdown to start editing at that position. Automatic syntax highlighting and a number of special keyboard shortcuts make it easy to edit Markdown. With Notebooks 2.2 you can even create checklists (- []) and mark them in formatted form.

Choose a three, two, or one panel layout, open documents in separate tabs or windows, and use full screen or dark modes for seamless recording.

Compile selected documents or the contents of entire books into one document, ebook, or PDF document.

Convert your document between formats including RTF, DOCX and Web Archive.

Link to other documents in notebooks. – In plain text and Markdown, you can even use wiki-style links ([[]]) with automatic path expansion. When you click on a link for a document that does not yet exist, Notebooks prompts you to create it.

Create books as you need to structure your projects and details. You can nest books as deep as you want, there are no restrictions on laptops. If you missed a track, full-text notepad search will help you quickly find even the most hidden document.

Navigate the hierarchy in the form of sketchbooks, or use the history buttons and “crumbs navigation” in the document header to quickly open other documents. This makes it easier to navigate without leaving the single pane layout or full screen mode.


Turn books into to-do lists to display the document as checklable tasks. Schedule deadlines and alerts, and divide projects into nested subprojects for easier handling. For simple lists, you can use checklists in formatted documents and Markdown.

Assign contextual tags to books and documents to create shortcuts available to SmartBook on the top level of notebooks. Notebooks can even extract context tags from the content of documents when they are created.

Import all the documents and files you want to have at your fingertips, whether it’s PDF, email, web pages, MS Office or iWorks, photos, videos, music, and more.

Key features

Laptops store your documents like regular files on your Mac (other applications often block them in databases). You are always in control and you don’t need to worry about how to import or, more importantly, export your documents.

Notebooks can sync their files with Notebooks on iPad and iPhone, so you can easily work with documents on any device. Cross-device sync is currently supported by Dropbox and many WebDAV servers, with Dropbox currently the most convenient option.

That being said, laptops can quickly become the only storage facility for whatever you want to keep close at hand.

On this page you can download Notebooks 2.2 for Mac OS via torrent for free.



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