Note-C 2.0.7

System requirements Note-C 2.0.7

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

Note-C 2.0.7

Scrapbooks, ideas, recipes, articles, or entire books, Note-C 2.0.7 is the app for all your writing. Note-C helps you with useful functions for collecting, managing, writing and maintaining complete control over your texts at any time.

More about the program

Note-C 2.0.7 is a very simple application for collecting notes, snippets and any other piece of text without restricting access to your notes and with extensive export options. You can create as many notebooks as you like, so you can break your notes by topic and specific project. All records are written to simple TXT files that can be read and edited by many text editors.

Key features

When the main window is closed, the main window can be opened by clicking on the dock icon
Note-C 2.0.7 improves the movement of text up and down with keyboard shortcuts for entire lines, making the lines swap with each other
editor settings reorganized
settings for the selected text now with a choice of color for the text and background of the selected text
Settings for the background color of the text box, now optional. If not activated, the default system background color is used
settings for spacing in text now with additional option for spacing up / down text area
settings for the cursor have been revised and expanded, and its behavior in the editor has been improved
tweaked settings for I-cursor
added a button to reset text editor settings

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