Not For Broadcast

System requirements Not For Broadcast

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: 2.7 GHz
Video card: 2 GB
Disk space: 11 GB


Not For Broadcast

With this game you will plunge into the 80s. An alternative world that is gradually disappearing into dystopia. Join the Evening News team during a major political scandal and the arrival of a radical government. Not For Broadcast is a narrative propaganda simulator. He will give you the opportunity to try to influence tomorrow. You can switch between four cameras, watch the latest news and curses, all live. You yourself choose whether you will continue to say only what is needed and receive a reward for it, or you will go in spite of strict censorship and will tell the whole truth and live on with some consequences.

More about the game

You will have full control over the broadcast of national news at night. You have a radical government, so mistakes can have unintended consequences. Here, under your clear control, all aspects of the business and only your decision depends on what people learn and what will remain a secret for them. You are required to respond quickly, choose a specific topic and develop strategies and plans. But first, of course, you need to download the Not For Broadcast torrent on our gaming site for free.

Game process

Everything that was not intended for broadcast will soon be available. Three levels will be completed in time. With the direct participation of players, the world will see ten levels. In each you will have to make different decisions and in each there will be new consequences. Decide what to show people. Entertain them in every way. Imagine that the ether is a blank sheet on which you can draw whatever you want. Follow the format. Your reports should be understandable for both children and repressive political systems. Manage your collection. The reputation of individuals is at your disposal from now on.

Story line

You decide exactly what people learn about celebrities. What stories of their lives will be silent, and what will be actively promoted. With this you can greatly influence and change the life of a popular person. These games are often simple and based on simple mechanisms and processes. So if you do decide to download a torrent Not For Broadcast on our site, then I think you will definitely not be disappointed. You just have to sit at the control panel and decide the fate of people, sitting in the same place. You decide which camera will work and where exactly to turn it on, what curses to spread to the masses and many other things of a global nature. The fate of those who broadcast this news from the screens is also in your hands. They will give on the air what you tell them. They will say everything the way you need it.


Post ads and announcements. Your account balance directly depends on the ads that appear. The quality of the advertising material is not your responsibility. Do not even think about canceling the program. Nothing can stop the news, even cataclysms are powerless. Just have fun and enjoy yourself. If these political games stress you, try to relax. In the “Evening News” team you can experience the whole palette of emotions. Even during a commercial break. Switch cameras and carefully censor every message. Decide whether to hide or tell the world. But why would anyone know the whole truth? Fate has developed so that you have grown from an ordinary television studio cleaner to the level of the leader of the great Evening News team – a huge television channel that broadcasts news about events in the country and other important information to the whole world.

Game features

A fascinating non-standard story filled with many surprises, political intrigue and good humor awaits gamers in Not For Broadcast. Your actions will decide what happens tomorrow. And all because all the most important news of your country is under your control and is presented under your gaze. Take a look at the press releases and choose what to broadcast. Severely censor unnecessary or unnecessary information and inappropriate vocabulary. Choose the advertisements you plan to place. Watch the quality of the broadcast. Choose the path you will take. Either it will be a robot on strict instructions from the authorities, or you decide to become a national hero in the person of a bearer and disseminator of truth.

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