Nordic Warriors

System requirements Nordic Warriors:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i3 4th Generation
Video Card: Shader Model 5 Compatible, 2GB VRAM
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 25 GB



Nordic Warriors

If you missed the strategies of the mythology of Scandinavia, then today we will have good news for you. In the game Nordic Warriors, you can become the commander of a large army, which will consist of Vikings. You have to carefully monitor them, try to develop the village and try to save this nation. You have to fight dangerous enemies, other Vikings who refused to follow you, what to speak of mythological creatures and even the gods themselves. The main advantage in the game will be tactics that require maximum return from you. But given your experience in terms of success in battles, you will succeed.

More about the game

Given that this adventure will be wholly and completely related to Scandinavia, you should expect that you have to come to terms with the religious component of this universe. After all, in the game you will need to take into account the characteristics of the gods, try to regulate this area and even face the gods. Remember that ordinary faith and worship of the gods can become not only a greasy buff, but also the purpose of the life of many of your warriors. At the same time, your rivals will be able to similarly use such directions, so you can manipulate religion and pre-lure or destroy the society of your rivals. Despite the fact that such a topic is quite difficult to learn, as soon as you decide to download Nordic Warriors via torrent for free, you can immediately begin to study it.

The presence of magic

And given that you have to face the gods, you should expect a magical effect on your people. At first, of course, only the elite can use magic, but then you can personally study it and try to achieve success. Thanks to magic, you can not only destroy your rivals, but also restore bridges, try to get boost from research and just enjoy a favorable game.

Therefore, during the adventure, you should be extremely careful and make only deliberate decisions. And first of all, we recommend that you download the Nordic Warriors torrent to your PC. Now the Scandinavian people will belong entirely to you and follow your commands. Try to free your native land from dissent and arrogant gods. Reveal the secrets of a mysterious place in your homeland and try to simply establish your power in this world. We wish you good luck and success!

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