Ninja Gaiden Sigma


System requirements Ninja Gaiden Sigma:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Core i3 4130
Video card: GTX 970 / R7 370/4 GB
Disk space: 20 GB


Ninja Gaiden Sigma

The protagonist of Ninja Gaiden Sigma is Ryu, an experienced ninja from the Hayabusa clan. Ryu’s goal is to obtain the Black Dragon Sword, which is the twin of his own blade. Forged from the bones of a black dragon, this weapon is the embodiment of absolute evil. The action takes place in the same world as the plots of the famous fighting games Dead Or Alive, created by Tecmo, namely in modern Japan and the fictional empire Vigoor.

More about the game

Get ready to tackle challenges – Ninja Gaiden Sigma won’t be an easy walk! What’s more, Team Ninja’s first PS Vita is one of the most challenging games on the system, so you’ll need all your agility and agility to tackle enemies, especially giant bosses. Join Ryu as he draws his sword from its scabbard and head off to battle the treacherous enemies. Use your ninja prowess and skills to get additional costumes for Ryu.

Game feature

Overall, the graphics have been fine-tuned for PS3 high definition, some FMV sequences have become in-game cutscenes, there are changes in item placement, collisions, plot building, AI and damage, three new opponents (Bikers MSAT, Mermen, Ghost Fires) and two new bosses (Garnov, Generator). Players can also shake the SIXAXIS controller to increase the power of the spoken ninpo. This fantastic game will not leave you indifferent. So download and enjoy. Good luck!

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