Night is Coming

System requirements Night is Coming

OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
Processor: 3.2 Ghz i3 Processor or equivalent
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Video card: GeForce GTX 570
Disk space: 2 GB


Night is Coming

It is not so often that the expanses of gaming entertainment are given the opportunity to provide Slavic mythology. Somewhere it is distorted, but somewhere it is not fully revealed. Today you will have the opportunity to download a torrent Night is Coming and take on the role of the head of a small settlement, which will have to be developed and equipped in the Carpathian Mountains. You have to start from the very beginning, first building the main barn, and then creating annexes that will become the basis for further prosperity. But do not relax much, because in addition to problems with the economy and proper development, you have to face various monsters, dark personalities and evil itself.

More about the game

It will take a lot of effort to make your settlement flourish and provide everything for life. Initially, an ordinary fire will be available, then you can start searching for resources and hunting. Gradually, the population will begin to grow and will provide a chance to fulfill its potential in order to build even more buildings: a farm, a forge, etc. The main thing in the Night is Coming game is that there are enough resources for all this, so that all your structures are useful and simply offer to enjoy the favorable atmosphere of everything that happens.

Dark affairs

The main advantage of the Night is Coming adventure is that you can face the most unexpected challenges and discoveries. For example, you might be hosting someone who is doing well. No suspicions about his identity will be revealed, but then you will find that your people have begun to die. And during the investigation, it turns out that the person you sheltered is a werewolf and at night he hunts your inhabitants.

Story line

And the other side of the adventure is magic. No, not as obvious as you might think, but quite simple. For example, a merchant will be asked to come to your city, who will bring a lot of resources on the cheap. While you are solving the problems with the lack of provisions, it turns out that the merchant sells dark talismans and artifacts, and the inhabitants are willing to buy them. Then, gradually, various troubles begin to occur in the city, which will not be so easy to solve. Dangers can appear in the game from everywhere, the main thing is to be careful and try to make the right decisions.

Now you just have to download Night is Coming via torrent for free. Under your leadership, there will be a whole village that will be completely saturated with Slavic mythology, so try to adapt to this and lead people to a better life. We wish you every success!

Game features

– nice modern graphics;
– specific, but consistent Slavic mythology;
– complete freedom of action;
– there are no restrictions in terms of city development;
– unexpected and dangerous stories.

On this page you can download the game Night is Coming torrent free on a PC.



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