NHL 18

Primary requirements
Game Series – NHL
Developer – Electronic Arts Canada
Localization – English
Age limit -12+
Supported Controllers – Gamepad
Recommended system requirements (for PC)
Recommended HDD capacity
30 GB



NHL 18

NHL 18 – this is the case when the game in a particular genre, in the genre of hockey simulator, absolutely no competitors. Take, for example, the FIFA and PES series – these two franchises will eat up each other, just to get ahead in innovation. Actually, the problem of the NHL series is in the absence of competitors, which greatly hinders the franchise with respect to development.

If you had a chance to play NHL 17, then you can quickly figure out the part under the license plate number 18, because you are actually a clone of the previous game in the series, even if it is practically brought to a high level of quality. Take, for example, the unique mechanics of the Skill Stick. Previously, it was not to say that it was perfect, but now this system allows virtual hockey players to craft rather complex stunts on the ice, while the user simply has to press literally two buttons.

The game appeared NHL Threes mode – the so-called “hockey without rules”, which allows players to enjoy everything that they love hockey, namely, massacre on ice and other sports obscenity. This mode is notable for the fact that it shows the arcade gameplay with all its views, without any hints on a realistic hockey simulator. You can enjoy hockey without rules in single player mode, local co-op or multiplayer.

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