Never Mourn


System requirements Never Mourn

Processor: i5 6600k or equivalent
Video Card: GTX 1050 or equivalent
Gamepad Support: Full

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Never Mourn

This is an adventure slasher that gives you the opportunity to play as Irey. This is a girl who lived quietly with her child. True, the shadow of war and darkness came from nowhere, and the child died. Such a tragedy defeated Ireya to look for a way to return everything back or even resurrect her child. And it is for this that she goes in search of a unique Tree of Life that is capable of this. True, it is located far in the depths of darkness and she has to go through a real Hell, which does not frighten her at all. She is ready to do everything to save her baby and no one will stop her for sure. And we invite you to help this heroine accomplish her plan. To do this, it will be enough to download the Never Mourn torrent on a PC and go on an exciting adventure.

Unique weapon

The main advantage of the main character will be the presence of a unique weapon in the form of a scythe. It has unique properties and offers to use both its direct purpose – chopping enemies, and an additional property – the absorption of souls. In the first case, it will be possible to destroy enemies, in the second case, you will receive valuable energy to improve the combat skills of the main character. Thus, it will be possible to use all your available skills to fight dangerous enemies and gradually approach the cherished goal. All this will allow you to get the most out of the gameplay.


The Tree of Life is a unique artifact that is hidden from view. You have to find out where it is, how to use it and who exactly hides it. Dynamic battles will showcase your fighting skills, and constant progression will make Ireya invincible. The main thing is to save the child, who has become everything for the main character, and for this it will be enough to download Never Mourn via torrent for free. Everything is in your hands, act and succeed.

Game features

Dynamic battles on large locations.
Several ways of development of the main character.
Use the necromancy system to your advantage.
Activate spells and destructive curses.
Remember, the braid is the main key to success.

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