System requirements Nerved:

OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: 3.0 GHz dual core or better
Video card: DirectX 9 compatible with 512 MB video RAM or better (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / Radeon HD 5850)
Disk Space: 9 GB



Fans of virtual games quite often like gloomy game projects in which the storyline is tied to paranormal activity. Therefore, your attention is an amazing opportunity to travel with the use of their dexterity and dexterity. In the game Nerved you will play for a very ordinary girl. One day she receives a letter in which distant relatives ask her to help.

More about the game

The girl, by her kindness, decides to go there to clarify the whole situation, but without wanting to, she becomes a participant in the paranormal. And now ghosts are chasing her, attend hallucinations, not to mention a large number of mental problems. In a word, you certainly won’t be bored. In order to stay alive in this truly crazy world, she needs to use all her dexterity and not rush to make important decisions.

Gloomy surroundings

After the girl is in the habitat of her relatives, she has a memory loss. And this applies even to the most basic things. Fog oozes from everywhere, not to mention the general gloomy atmosphere and the strange creatures that constantly follow it on the heels. A long journey awaits you, during which you need to achieve the desired goal, both regarding your own investigation, and in terms of staying alive. It is necessary to find out the reasons for what is happening, to find your relatives who have mysteriously disappeared. No one knows what to expect from these supernatural beings. There will be many surprises, but you must first follow the link to our games portal and download Nerved torrent there for free. Then you can explore further options for the development of events.

Trace of occultism

Topics with curses are always in demand among the gaming audience and require more attention and concentration from the player. It is exactly the same here: the girl will have to carry out some rites to expel the evil spirits, which are very violent and rage fear in everyone and everything. However, the danger awaiting the main character, really can cause her great harm. So for protection, use all available opportunities, find special amulets and try to get as little as possible in the eyes of this supernatural evil. Yes, it will be very difficult to accomplish this, but you can do it if you go to our Internet portal. There you can download Nerved torrent for free.

Game features

It is time to fight the forces of darkness and do everything possible to save our own relatives from a powerful curse. Ghosts, demons, and the rest of the devilish offspring just will not be happy to interfere in their affairs. Therefore, they will pursue the girl, scare her, and even try to kill. In order for her to be able to fulfill her mission, you need to try very hard. So do not waste time on empty conversations, but just start playing. Have a successful game and have a good time!

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