Neighbours Back From Hell

System requirements Neighbours Back From Hell:

Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Celeron
Video card: HD 4000
Hard Drive: 4 GB


Neighbours Back From Hell

Neighbors Back From Hell offers a lot of fun. This is another masterpiece from the series. We will have fun doing various dirty tricks and driving the neighbors to madness. It is worth noting that rolling down to a banal banana peel or button on a chair will not be necessary. Be creative and come up with all the new pranks and dirty tricks. Let’s get to know Woody. This is a rather original character, he is the star of the TV show.

More about the game

On your shoulders will lay the implementation of the first and second seasons of the series, the name of which quite clearly characterizes everything that happens on the screen. In the game Neighbors Back From Hell you will find not only beautiful graphics, wonderful adventures and a lot of laughter. Enjoy the music. Try new tricks and gags.

Game features

You have to implement insidious plans in various locations. Get creative on board, home, and other vacation spots. No time to be bored. The main thing is to act secretly and not to be seen by the victim. Otherwise, you can cut off cuffs and your series will be closed, which is undesirable. It’s not easy to shoot a reality show, sometimes you have to make serious sacrifices and be in danger.

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