Need for Speed: Most Wanted

System requirements Need for Speed: Most Wanted

OS Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Processor: 2.5 GHz
RAM: 256 MB
Video Card: 512 MB DirectX 9 compatible


Need for Speed: Most Wanted

The most popular series of races is back with the computer game Need for Speed: Most Wanted. If you played in the last part called Underground 2, you probably noticed that all these street races did not have enough police. As if the guardians of law and order, fell asleep at night and did not touch the illegal racers.

Now, in addition to competitors in the race, you will interfere with cars with flashing lights. They will throw spikes under your tires, press them to the side of the road, call a helicopter escort, install road blocks of jeeps, and do everything so that you do not reach the finish line. But street racers are also not done with a finger, so they use everything they can find on their way to destroy the pursuers’ cars. To do this, they can use advertising signs, installations with water and even huge plastic donuts, which looks incredibly comical.

Also, how long you play and climb the black list of the most acclaimed street racing drivers, you will gain a certain level of danger. The higher it is, the worse for you, because each time the police cars will become faster and smarter drivers. To become the best racer of Rockport, after the launch of the Need for Speed: Bridge Vanted, you need to overcome 15 people, the most dangerous representatives of the world NFS. But overcoming the dangers of this list, you can return your beloved BMW M3 and get the respect of the whole city.

Computer game Need for Speed: Most Wanted is considered among the players the best part of the famous racing franchise from the studio Electronic Arts. But this is not surprising, because in due time, all the best ideas that appeared in the series before its release were gathered in it.

This time, you will have to visit Rockport, a city in whose territory street racers simply teem. In the evenings, they all gather in order to take part in the toughest competitions, in which not the money, but the cars of the participants are put up at stake. The winner takes all. So our hero could fool Razor, the most important race car driver. His comrades turned the engine of the protagonist’s car, which is why he could not get to the finish line. However, he is assisted by a friend who not only pulled him out of the police station, but also donated a car. Therefore, you should again get down to business.

Since there are enough riders in the city, a separate “Black List” of the most dangerous among them was created. There are fifteen names, the first among which is Razor. But you still have to get to it, since running Nid vor Speed: Vanted Bridge is the simplest thing you can do. After all, now, apart from the racers, there are also policemen on the track who can start pursuing you at any time, due to which the dynamics of the game automatically increase. Especially, it is worth taking into account the fact that the search level also continues to grow, if you could not immediately throw them off your tail.



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