NBA 2K19: 20th Anniversary Edition

System requirements NBA 2K19: 20th Anniversary Edition

CPU: Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz
Graphics Card: Graphic Card 512 MB GeForce 8400 GTS or better
Disk Space: 8 GB HDD
Game mode: single / multiplayer


NBA 2K19: 20th Anniversary Edition

Finally, the fans of professional basketball were lucky, because the long-awaited continuation of the much-loved series – the basketball simulator – was released. A series with a touch of management called “NBA 2K19: 20th Anniversary Edition”. A huge number of new possibilities, new venues with realistic surroundings and a great atmosphere. New events in the world of basketball and new stars are waiting for you in the new part of the series. Try downloading the Anniversary Edition game via torrent from our website and you will be surprised how much the world of NBA has changed thanks to new developments from the developers of Visual Concepts.

More about the game

But the first thing that catches your eye is not the new features, but the updated graphics and visual design. Awesome realistic graphics, revised and improved physics, an atmosphere that generates a lot of emotions, natural animation of players on the court and realistic behavior of the ball – all this will allow you to fully enjoy the game. But that’s not all …

Game Features

One of the main gameplay features of the new part of the NBA 2K19: 20th Anniversary Edition is the ability to play basketball on the street, and at the same time participate in the events of the basketball player’s home district. Participate in regional events, play basketball with amateurs at regional venues, gain credibility and increase popularity – all this will bear fruit in the career and life of the basketball player as a whole. In addition, participating in various events, you can at the same time improve the player himself. The new Takeover feature allows you to discover new tricks, learn new tricks and improve your existing abilities.

Another gaming feature of the game of the new part is the ability to take control of the player and just live the life of a basketball player, walking around the vicinity of open locations, for example, a sports complex. Walk around locations, chat with people and reporters, give interviews and just enjoy popularity. Plus, each of your actions can affect the career of your player or the popularity of the entire team in which he plays. In other words, you will find freedom, independence, and the world of basketball in its true guise.

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