System requirements Navpoint

OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2 GHz
Video card: 512 MB
Disk space: 100 MB



The game offers command of a motion control station called Navgos. The user’s task is to regulate traffic in a busy area of ​​the solar system. Care must be taken to ensure that ships reach their destination safely. Starships can collide with other vehicles or asteroids, or get attacked by bandits. Navpoint has a full-fledged career campaign and a free play mode with dozens of maps to choose from. The indie project makes it possible to build passenger stations, cargo docks, space service stations and gas stations.

More about the game

In addition, protective structures must be erected. Defensive satellites will help repel pirate attacks. The user has at his disposal tugs, customs ships and police frigates. With their help, the gamer will be able to rescue damaged aircraft and check travelers for contraband. Gradually, he will establish infrastructure in this part of the galaxy and begin to profit from passing traffic. It is possible to set the vehicle speed to avoid accidents.

Features of the game

The gameplay is diluted by a system of random events. Wormholes, nebulae, sunspots greatly affect traffic. Space debris and looters can disrupt cargo traffic. In addition, the player will have to solve difficult situations caused by plague and quarantine, natural disasters, racial intolerance, flows of migrants, the arrival of world stars, terrorist threats, and politicians’ intrigues.

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