System requirements Narcosis

Operating system: Windows 7 (64 bits)
Processor: Intel i5 or better.
Video card: Nvidia GTX 560 or better.
RAM (GB): 4.0.
Free space on HDD (GB): 8.0.



The small Californian studio Honor Code has less than ten employees, but each is ready to work for ten, so gamers can enjoy atmospheric horror in the spirit of Amnesia. Let us emphasize: it is “in the spirit”, because the story is completely different. For 4 long years, the company has been developing the game Narcosis, which plunges into the darkness of the ocean, and at the same time into fear.

More about the game

The history of the project began in 2011, in which the famous French school ENJMIN played a role. Let’s clarify: the school of video games (oh, what interesting exams here!). We just want to tell you why it is worth downloading this game via torrent and why this game is worth waiting for. The plot tells about the grounded ship, the crew of which is doing everything possible to survive. Every second there is less oxygen, the ability to reason is quickly lost, and initially there was very, very little light, as well as equipment. Well at least the diving suit is intact.

Features of the game

It is clearly unnecessary to explain what is the cause of the fear. So that the player can feel all the gloom of the ocean depths, the developers have taken care of decent graphics. Everything from Honor Code has turned out at a high level, it’s not for nothing that horror has already been noted by prominent publications. In addition, the game has been nominated for prestigious awards several times.

On this page you can download the game via torrent Narcosis free on a PC.



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