Nancy Drew: Song of dark water

System requirements Nancy Drew: Song of dark water:

Operating System: Windows Vista / 7/8/10
Processor: 1.5 GHz or better Pentium 4
Memory: 512 MB
Video Card: 128 MB DirectX 9.0
Audio Card: 16 bit DirectX
Free space on HDD: 2.2GB


Nancy Drew: Song of dark water

And again, another adventure awaits us, loved by all the detectives from the famous series of games. We present you the game project Nancy Drew: Song of dark water. Now Nancy goes to the north of Europe, where she had never been before, to Iceland, the country of ice. There she was lured by the upcoming investigation into the disappearance of one famous captain and his ship. And here everything is very mysterious and difficult: local residents are not in a hurry to share information about what happened to the skipper and the ship. This riddle is a new challenge to Nancy’s abilities. By the way, there is a very beautiful nature and you can even see the dance of the aurora, but let’s not stare too long – we are waiting for the captain!

More about the game

Upon arrival in Iceland, the detective immediately takes up the case and begins an investigation. There are different rumors, some are sure that the vessel and its owner were abducted by malefactors, others – that it was the spirits who decided to punish the greedy captain who took gold for enrichment. Which of them is telling the truth? Well, the detective will have to unravel this tricky tangle. Perhaps the villains just want to sell a great ship more expensive … Or maybe the captain did not disappear at all? You can figure out the truth only by solving a whole bunch of puzzles in the game Nancy Drew: Song of dark water. To search for clues and evidence, the girl will have to go around local establishments, ask many questions to local residents, look for some evidence and evidence. For fans of mini-games, there are many interesting tasks that will help Captain Magnus and his Ship to collect more information.

Game mechanics

In addition to the local inhabitants, Nancy will talk with a mysterious stranger, who informed her about the disappearance of Mr. Magnus and his ship. During the game Nancy Drew: Song of dark water, which can be downloaded for free via torrent on our new site, you will even face spirits. And also you will find a lot of evidence. Interestingly, on the eve of the loss, the ship was restored, according to one familiar captain. Could this be related? And can anyone really be trusted here? To help a detective, a map and tips, as well as videos that need to be watched to the end – there may also be tips.

To unravel this mysterious case, you need to find as many leads and answers to questions as possible. Only then can you find out what really happened to the captain. So go ahead, to new quests and a very interesting storyline!

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