Myastere Ruins of Deazniff


System requirements Myastere Ruins of Deazniff:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core Core i3
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Grafik: OpenGL 3.1 compliant video card
Disk space: 6 GB

Myastere Ruins of Deazniff

Myastere Ruins of Deazniff, in addition to standard shootouts and battles, offers players a lot of puzzles and platforming elements. Adventures, challenging tasks and exciting missions await the hero in the game. Somewhere in the wilderness, a source with inexhaustible reserves of energy appears. Due to the peculiarities of the terrain, animals are the first to contact him. Soon, ordinary herbivores and forest predators lose their minds, a desire to kill awakens in them. The country’s government is concerned about the increased incidence of attacks and sends its best agent to the place of the mysterious phenomenon.

More about the game

The player in the form of a super spy will have to overcome a huge distance, face various evil creatures and solve the riddle of a mysterious source. On his way, there is a huge number of secrets and traps, and among the skills there is the possibility of teleportation between locations. To complete the game, you need to solve problems, get new useful skills, use objects, etc. The number of chips in the game is amazing. It remains only to plunge into the investigation and deadly battle.

Game features

Lots of addicting puzzles.
Interesting storyline.
Well-designed world.
Lots of useful skills.

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