My Museum


System requirements My Museum

OS: Windows 7
Processor: i5
RAM: 4000 MB RAM
Graphics: GTX 7XX or higher
Disk space: 5000 MB
Sound Card: Yes

My Museum

This is a simulator of owning and managing your own museum with the ability to organize auctions and make money on it. You have to get an old abandoned museum for use in order to further equip it with the last word and begin to implement your conceived ideas. Find exhibits, make renovations, and just start working hard to get things done over time. By the way, you will play in the first person and manually perform all actions, starting with the repair and restoration of certain exhibits, ending with organizing an auction and attracting new visitors. And if you are ready for such adventures, then you just have to download the game My Museum via torrent to get started and prove your skills in managing such a specific and controversial business.

Real business

Complete freedom of action will allow you to choose the main path of your management. If you want, make money solely on the fact that you will attract visitors and delight their inquisitive mind. Or you can create a semblance of a workshop, buy finds, restore them and sell them at an auction. But there is one flaw in this business – you will buy items at your own peril and risk, since it is not known whether the purchased item is worth the money or all this is fiction. Gradually, you will grow and expand your business, hire staff and even compete for the title of the best museum. In general, there will be plenty of tasks, you just need to implement them correctly, but otherwise you will definitely succeed.


The restoration of objects in the game has such a detailed simulator of actions that you have to choose not only the tool for carrying out the restoration, but also purchase special mixtures, acid and much more. Gradually, you will achieve the desired result and will be able to restore the original appearance of the exhibit. The main thing is to be able to analyze its value and try to get benefits during the redemption of all this. And so that you can begin to act, it will be enough to download the game My Museum via torrent on your PC. You will get to know this unusual business from the inside and will be able to understand what exactly is the source of income and what tests await entrepreneurs in this area.

Game features

Detailed tools for the restoration of exhibits.
Organize an auction and inflate prices to make good money.
Monitor all offers for sale in order to run into “candy”.
Furnish your museum and design without limiting yourself.

On this page you can download the game My Museum torrent free on a PC.



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