Move or Die

System requirements Move or Die:

OK: Windows: 7, 8, 10
RAM: 1 GB of RAM
Video card: 512 MB
Disk Space: 300 MB



Move or Die

Move or Die is quite an interesting game project, very similar to the game “Meat Boy”. This active and dynamic game is designed both for a single pass and for the possibility of cooperative play (up to four players). In fact, Move or Die is not a single game, but several related mini-games, with a variety of modes and in its scheme is very similar to the cult Worms, but it also has some serious differences.

You can download Move or Die for free on our website, but I would like to first talk about what the game is like. As mentioned above, the game consists of several interconnected modes. The very first and at the same time the most fun mode is Stopm, well known to all fans of the famous Mario game, which everyone enthusiastically played on 8-bit consoles. The similarity lies in the fact that in order to defeat the enemy, you need to jump on his head from above. The winner will be the one who will be the only survivor.

The next mode is Blow away. There will also have to destroy enemies, but the methods will be different. The main actions will take place in a room with studded walls. Your task is to make the enemy himself bumped into the wall and burst, and in order to push it, you will need to inflate your hero.

Speed ​​Run is another mode in which you will have to chase each other on the tracks, literally littered with various obstacles. Color Rays – in this mode you will compete with opponents in who among you will paint more blocks. Another mode with blocks is the Falling Block, here you have to dodge these blocks that will fall directly on your head. The latest and at the same time one of the difficult modes of Pass the Bomb, in it it is necessary to play a ball with a bomb with a lit fuse. Whoever blows it up in his hands will lose it.

Naturally, the more people will play in Move or Die, the more interesting the game will be. It has a couple of secrets, knowledge of which will help you to win. For example, the more bonus points in one minute you can earn, the better – it will help you to win. The second secret – act as actively as possible, if you sit in a corner, you can hardly achieve something, while your competitors, who are more active than you, will achieve good results. In any case, the game is very interesting and fun, and if you do not forget about the possibility of cooperative mode and good graphics, you can safely download Move or Die and enjoy the game in good company.



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