System requirements Mordhau:

Support only 64-bit systems
Windows OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i5 – 4670 and better
Video card: NVIDIA GTX 680 or better


There are quite a few games about the Middle Ages in the gaming market and most of these games belong to the strategy genre. True, in recent times, developers have begun to pay more attention to this topic, so the market has begun to fill with various game projects of other genres. For example, the most recent development project is Mordhau on the Unreal Engine 4 game engine, which is currently being developed by a nameless development team.

Download Mordhau torrent, but also for free you can on our website! This game is a medieval sword fighting simulator. If now it is just sports entertainment, then earlier, in this way, they found out the relationship and fought in duels. And now every user will have the opportunity in the virtual space to become a participant in a similar direction of the battles. The developers themselves promise a lot of interesting and curious, for example, a realistic combat system, where each swing of the sword will be controlled by the movement of the mouse. If you sharply point the mouse forward, then a thrust strike will follow, if you slowly move it one way or the other, you can make combos, etc. The same applies to the shield, which allows you to block shots and deliver a stun. And in order to completely interest the player, the developers plan to introduce a weapon accounting system, that is, your character will move in a certain way depending on the weapon selected, and armor will also affect its movement. If you equip light armor, the character will be agile and fast, and if it is heavy, it will become terribly slow, but it will be able to withstand more blows.

In addition, the second interesting point of the game is a complex customization, which allows you to adjust each element of your look, choose the shape and color range. This will create an original look and a memorable image of the hero.

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